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Inside Mapi PaperbackThe authoritative reference on Microsoft’s Messaging Application Programming Interface, as first published by Microsoft Press is now available on CD-ROM.

Inside MAPI is the single best source of information on programming in the complex world of MAPI. You can see what some of our readers are saying about it by clicking on reviews and comments (source: Amazon).

If you’re writing MAPI-compliant clients, service providers, or gateways for MAPI messaging systems such as Microsoft Exchange, this book is a must-have.

Inside MAPI makes MAPI programming easy to understand, with clear explanations of the MAPI architecture, MAPI interfaces and data structures, and step-by-step instructions on how to write MAPI clients and service providers. There are numerous code examples in the text as well as complete source code for:
Inside Mapi Newcover

  • three Extended MAPI clients
  • two transport providers (one remote)
  • a read-only server-based address book
  • a read-write local personal address book
  • a local personal message store
  • a server-based public folder store
  • a complete server-based post office system
  • a single-DLL multi-provider message service

In all, over 150,000 lines of clean, well-commented source code to cut and paste into your MAPI project.

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